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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  May 1, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. >> the fbi has arrested five men in connection with a terror plot
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to blow the ohio bridge. >> u.s. security officials are standing on high alert. brianne carter joins us live with the latest. >> those five men are now waiting for their court appearance this afternoon after allegedly trying to blow up a bridge. officials would not comment on the timing of this but it comes at the same time the country is on high alert. these five men ranging in age from 20-35 are now in federal custody after allegedly plotting to bomb a bridge near cleveland ohio. >> these pros -- self-proclaimed anarchists conspired to develop multiple plots too negatively impact the greater cleveland area the fbi said the men are self-described anarchists and are not tied to international terrorism. officials say the explosive devices were not operable. >> despite the defendants worst
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intentions during the entire course of yesterday's operation the public was never in any danger. >> this come some the same day securities stepped up ahead of the anniversary of the death of osama bin laden. at metro stations this morning there is increased police presence as metro police joined forces with federal agencies and airports across the countries security beefed up with reports of additional federal air marshals. >> we have not seen al qaeda being driven by dates. >> there is a concern over surgically implanted explosives designed to avoid airport detection. >> they could be in the abdominal cavity. >> president obama said this is
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not a time to celebrate but to reflect. he called the american people to remember those who participated in the operation one year ago to kill osama bin laden. >> thanks so much. on the heels of a nationwide terror threat, d.c. police had cleared a suspicious letter sent the department of agriculture in southwest. a non-toxic white powder was contained an employee on the 64 found a letter, opened it and people were exposed. >> it is a reigning star to the day consuela but should warm up -- it is a creamy start today but it should warm up. >> we had quite a bit of rain this morning. now we are seeing a little bit of sunshine. every now and then, the clouds part. this is a time lapse from earlier today. you can see it was pretty
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overcast this morning with showers. there are little glimpses of blue every so often. nonetheless, we have a fair amount of clouds. but look at the temperatures. upper 70's of downtown. highs will be in the low 80's today and next chance of rain will probably not be until tomorrow. >> thanks so much. occupy wall street protesters are researching more powerful than ever been the demonstrators are swarming the capital city to spread their entire debt agreed message. they vowed to continue their fight for justice. jummy olabanji has the story. >> it is a worldwide, a day-line movement. in cuba, thousands took to the streets marching to music bringing awareness to what they call corporate greed and inequality. it was much of the same in sri
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lanka and in france, russia, and indonesia. in taiwan, several anti- government protesters marched downtown taipei demanding better conditions for workers. taiwanese doctors and health care workers dressed up in uniforms to protest against their long hours and low pay. >> our patients cannot be protected very welcome many administrations for going on the attack. this was in thailand. occupy d.c. protesters will be joined later today. >> it will be a big crowd. we're coming together and marching downtown to the white house. it will be quite a crowd them this is one of the local
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organizers. the group will leave malcolm x park on 16th street at 6:00 and walking to the white house. the same will happen in new york and california. >> this is to oppose power and concentration of wealth and inequality. >> thanks so much. president obama's campaign is releasing new advertisements. >> it's just what you'd expect when mitt romney had a swiss bank account. >> it talks about shipping jobs to china and mexico. the advertisement will run in three states including virginia. people in many towns and cities across northern virginia headed
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to the polls today. there was a steady flow of voters in the vienna community center. they are going to choose mayors, city and school board members and polls will be open until 7:00 p.m. you can find a complete list online at >> we're learning some secret service agents will undergo further training. this is from the prostitution scandal. about 100 agents will be briefed by johns hopkins university professors and will take part in two days of training. the recently announced a new code of contact including prohibiting them from drinking excessively or bringing foreign debt guests to their hotel rooms. >> it local police chief d predict we will soon policerones flying over the d.c. area beltway.
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the unmanned planes will be used to spot traffic tieups but congress could say that this could lead to an invasion of privacy. >> d.c. police are investigating two stabbings that happened minutes apart. the first one happened after a car crash near fifth and florida avenue overnight. the driver was unconscious after being stabbed in the neck and he was taken to the hospital. that is where he was pronounced dead. about 30 minutes prior to that, police were called to another stabbing in northeast where officer say it 34 dish year-old was stabbed in the abdomen and died at the hospital as well. police and not say what led to the two stabbings. >> this story you first saw here police released a new surveillance picture of a man suspected of car attacks. this shows one of the two men wanted for crashing into and
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abducting drivers. a similar incident happened a week before that attack. a woman called 911. she said the dispatcher told her to get out even though she was scared. she never got out, she kept going. police "new surveillance pictures will lead to a break in the case. >> coming up, >> we thought this was amazing. >> putting popular to good use and on president to move by facebook which could save lives. >> stop texting -- can you do it? >> the nationals rookie bryce
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harper warms up before the big game. >> it is a good day for bas so, you're all set up. great.
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>> facebook has announced the new edition which has the potential to save lives around the world. >> starting today users in the u.s. and u.k. and an organ donor to their profiles.
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dr. richard becerra joins us now to discuss the medical ramifications. you could not get your exposure that going to facebook. >> you could not ask for a better approach to tackling this problem. facebook has about 1 billion people signed up an organ donors are all about communication. people can use facebook to tell their friends and family that they are an organ donor and use it as a simple way to connect to state registries. it is tremendous. >> this seems something that is radical and amazing. it changes the perception of organ donation and makes it cooled. >>. >> if they can make a younger generation think about this, those 100,000 people who are
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waiting for organs could go away. that is really a tremendous thing. so many people every year die prematurely from car accidents and other things but they have never communicated their wishes. their family and friends don't know what the wishes are and this is where you can click that box and forget about it. >> the great weight to easily get the word out to millions of people. thank you for joining us. >>we would like to know what you think about it. do you think organ donation is to private of the mission to be made public? log on to and let us know what you think about we have a look at today's weather. >> it is a little sticky out there. we're getting more key toheat.
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the sunshine is trying hard to sneak through. there are just patches here and there. we are definitely seeing a brighter skies. we will get enough sunshine to dry things out. these are some of the rain tallies. we got a decent shock of rain with those shares. these of the showers that rolled through earlier. we will continue to see that energy moving well off to the shore. we will have a front that will keep this kind of settled the next few days. temperatures will be about the same in each day we will have a
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threat of showers. 78 degrees in the district right now. all these temperatures are above where we should be. the dew point is in and 60's and we have not seen that in a long time. you start to fill the added moisture. you will feel the stickiness in the air. we have winds of the west/south west. there are scattered clouds around and we have showered chances today that are done. tomorrow, a similar set up and low clouds, and sunshine and showers late in the day. 60's when you wake up tomorrow and do better shot for a couple of showers later in the day.
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that pattern will repeat itself through thursday. that will move out of here in the heat will come in and by friday and saturday, we could get our first 90-degree day. sunny breaks for the afternoon a bit breezy and tonight mild and tomorrow the possibility of showers, the same thing on thursday otherwise near 90 on friday. too bad the pools are not open quite yet. >> we should
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>> we have a new solution to have you slept last night. if you were awake with nightmares for you with your dreams were entertaining, there is an app for that. sigmund is an iphone app designed to program your dreams. >> pull up the app 40 go to bed for the night and you choose from a list of words. that you want to show up in your dreams. >> they come in a bunch of different categories. the app calculates what time you will reach r.e.m. sleep and a
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soft female voice repeats the words. it is from a sleep study that says it's possible to suggest dreams 1/3 of the time. >> it took allow longer for me to fall asleep. >> should you give it a try? >> you are messing with your dreams. >> i would try it. >> i'm not sure. i would try it. >>the app costs 99 cents. >> my hope is that people couldn't use it to visualize themselves doing well and a setting like an athlete. maybe by pointing to those words, they can achieve that. >> if you like more information go to >> we have some financial tips if you plan on flying any time soon.
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lester's ticket prices for the three major airports went up by more than 10%. p.w. is your best bet for a cheaper flight. - bwi is your best bet for a cheaper flight. >> might be hard for some people but there is a stop texting day. the national highway safety administration wants to raise awareness about distracted driving. over five dozen people were killed back in 2009 by distracted driving. -- ove>> the smithsonian is remembering steve jobs in an exhibit. it features the technology patented that he created including an apple macintosh computer and an ipod. the exhibit is about patents and trademarks and steve jobs will
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be on display. it will be at the ripley center near the smithsonian castle. >> he is a big debtor for the nationals although he is only 19 years old. bryce haprer - harper took some time to take some slow pitches by the washington monument. he already has some impressive numbers. >> nice
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>> coming up tonight, the lowdown on how to save box of the gas pump. we will tell you which destines give you the best bargains tonight at 5:00. >> sign up for a chance to win one of our facebook contests. you could win a new ford fiesta. i go to car and follow the directions. we had a first finalist yesterday and will pick another one at 5:00 this week. we will pick one lucky winner from the final 15 next month and a good luck. i hope it has air-conditioning because of what we will be
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dealing with the next couple of days. >> we are in the 30's in the morning but now it is much be out there. low 80's, high humidity, and we could have a shower late in the day for the next couple of days. maybe 90 degrees on friday and possibly saturday and a cool down sunday into monday. >> will we be back in the snow zone? >> i doubt it. thank you for being with us and we will see you here in the morning. >> make sure you keep it to underwrite here for 5:00 this afternoon. have a great day.
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